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Every year St. Ann’s provides an opportunity for our youth to experience Christ though some sort of conversion trip. Last summer (2017) we (a group of 30 kids and chaperones) went to Hardeeville, SC and participated in the Catholic Heart Work Camp.

This year we will be participating in the Steubenville Lifeteen Youth Conference in Duluth, GA. For more information follow this link:    This event is life changing. I recommend it to any teen. Cost starts at around $350 which includes transportation, accommodations and entrance into the event. We always provide opportunities for fundraising that usually include: Spirit Nights at local establishments, serving at church functions, Selling Krispy Kreme donuts, serving at the Ham and Yam Festival, etc.

We will begin to register kids for the trip in January of 2018.



Upcoming Youth Events

Migrant Workers Youth Outreach 

On July 27th we will be meeting at 6:00pm (we will return around 11:00pm) in the St. Ann’s parking lot to go out and serve the migrant workers in our area. The migrant workers visit yearly on a work visa to labor in the fields of North Carolina. They are all here legally and are vetted appropriately. Their living conditions are very meagre. Our outreach to them is threefold: 1. We collect items that make their stay here more comfortable including: canned goods, fruit, small appliances (microwaves, mini-fridges, fans) and distribute them to the workers. 2. We will visit with them and show our support of them. 3. We will be celebrating holy mass with Fr. Peter to help them in their journey towards Christ. If you are interested you can contact Mr. Patrick or Miss Ruth Silva 919-464-555. Even if you cannot attend you can still help us to collect the items needed.


St. Ann VBS Volunteering 

Every year we have many of our middle and high school kids volunteer at the Summer Vacation Bible School. It is a week of crafts, music, dancing, games, snacks, prayer, and fun! We need our youth to help carry out the stations and bring the smaller kids around to the stations. The youth often have much more fun than the kids in attendance. We have planning meetings as well as a Wednesday night youth party. Volunteers need to be there from 8:30am to 1:00pm each day. There is a cook-out Friday afternoon for all participants, volunteers and family members from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Form more information click on this PDF registration:  

 to register you can also follow this link:

Carolina Mudcats Youth Trip

Calling all youth! We have a reserved block of seats for the upcoming Caroilna Mudcats Faith and Family Day, Sunday, Aug. 19th, 2018.  There will be a concert beginning at 1:00pm and other faith-based events throughout the game. We will meet for holy mass at 11:00am and leave directly to the stadium after mass. We will be in need of some parents to help drive. To reserve your seats please email Mr. Patrick at Tickets are $7. This does not include any food or drinks. Please send kids with pocket money to buy a hotdog and drink. Check out this flyer for more info.