Father Peter and the Stewardship Council invite you to a planning meeting in preparation of our annual Ministry Fair! 

Your Ministries attendance would be greatly appreciated. If you cannot attend, please send a representative from your ministry. For your convenience we are hosting day and evening meetings. Please RSVP, to Joyce-Lorraine Lisi at jlisi80@hotmail.com, Louise Lupo at vllupo39@gmail.com or Susan Warren at lily55pad@yahoo.com with a reply as to which meeting you or a representative will be attending. Thank you.



> Meeting to be held on Tuesday May 21, 2019 in LC Room 202

What is Stewardship? 


By spending time with God in prayer

SERVE One Another By using your talents in Parish Ministries

SHARE Our Gifts By making a consistent gift to the Offertory

When we spend time with God in prayer, we are spiritually prepared to offer ourselves in service to others.

A Good Shepherd’s Mission Statement:

“A good Shepherd is a spiritual and practical partner with God, choosing to place in God’s service the 3 fundamental gifts of serving, sharing and growing in Christ. It is an active part in bringing to fulfillment God’s plan.”

Parish Office (Oficina Parroquial)