International Food Festival at St. Ann Catholic

(Things will be different for this year’s event but we are adjusting! See full details below.)

The church is located at 4057 Hwy. 70 Business West, Clayton.


Website for IFF: 


Raffle Winner 


October 1-Kathy Kowalski 

October 2- Laura S. Lewis 

October 3- Netta Holzhauser 

October 4- Marian Mullen 

October 5- Rachel Tice

October 6- Laura Pollard 

October 7- Jeffrey Balik 

October 8- Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coughlin

October 9- Helen Batista 

October 10- Susan Kelly 

October 11- James Duffy 

October 12- Kat Goldsmith

October 13- Frederick Goerg

October 14- Ann Mullins 

October 15- Deborah Miller 

October 16- Rachel Tice 

October 17- Luisa Wilkins 

October 18- Robert Brown 

October 19- Joe Basar 

October 20- Morris Family 

October 21- Dave & Marcia Zellmer 

October 22- Maggie Stein 

October 23- Layla Kelly 

October 24- Tony Beasley 

October 25- Bob Scassera

October 26- Colleen Ayres  

October 27- Ben Albanese 

October 28- Ricardo Herrera Jr. 

October 29- Mr. & Mrs. David Marconi 

October 30- Theresa Hibbert

October 31- Laura Wright  

Saint Ann Youth Group Mission Trip 2021

50/50 Raffle ticket sale the day of the IFF, *please note the 50/50 raffle ticket drawing is separate from the IFF Calendar Raffle drawing.   

Winning Number#



*Please note that the winning ticket has been claimed, and has donated the proceeds to the youth group.