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Confirmation Ceremony 2018

Congratulations to the following youth that were confirmed on May 15th at St. Ann’s Church by His excellency Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama:

1.       Zachary Scott Armstrong

2.       Natalie Elizabeth Aleman

3.       Sharron Janet Alvarez Guerra

4.       Christine Marie Anderson

5.       Aspen Carolina Andersson

6.       Hayli Teresa Appell

7.       Alyssa Yasmin Arellano

8.       Eddie Barcenas Valadez

9.       Key Barrera Morales

10.   Valeria Blanco Mendoza

11.   Juan Francisco Cabrera

12.   Christian Alejandro Camacho Valadez

13.   Deysy Castañeda

14.   Christian Napoleon Choto

15.   Hugo Cortes

16.   Fernando Cruz Alvarez

17.   Esequiel Cruz Martinez

18.   Juan Felipe Castaneda Cruz

19.   Jennifer Lynn David

20.   Edgar Raul Diaz Coyt

21.   Ciara Petersen Doering

22.   Matthew David Ellison

23.   Megan Noelle Flockhart

24.   Stewart Alan Forthofer

25.   Mateo Fortuno

26.   Julio César Fraire

27.   Lizbeth Fraire

28.   Lizeth Fraire

29.   Yamilet María Friare

30.   Kimberly Franco

31.   Isabel Anna Fricke

32.   Mayra García

33.   Diana Gil Ponce

34.   Wilfredo Gil Ponce

35.   Jacob Arthur Ginn

36.   Matthew John Giustiniani

37.   Santos Gonzalez Rodriguez

38.   Juan Alexis Gonzalez Rodriguez

39.   Kimberly Gonzalez Jacobo

40.   María Guadalupe Franco

41.   Jennifer Guerrero

42.   Ashley Maria Gutierrez

43.   Jesús Emmanuel Gutierrez Garcia

44.   Madelyn Grace Young

45.   José Gutierrez Martinez

46.   Ángel Guzmán

47.   Dargan Harris

48.   Orlando Hernandez

49.   Raymond Hernandez

50.   Jasmin Hernandez Mendez

51.   Edgar Hernandez Ramirez

52.   Ricardo Jose Herrera Jr.

53.   Jennifer Jacobo Reyna

54.   Abby Michelle Locklear

55.   Yesenia López Monterrosa

56.   Maria Guadalupe Nuñez

57.   José Guadalupe Prieto Lunar

58.   Axel Rodrigo Maldonado Barron

59.   Sandy Marcial Reyna

60.   Jovanny Marquez

61.   Yoselene Marquez

62.   Allison Gissell Martinez Valadez

63.   Shane Patrick McGoldrick

64.   Nathan Mendonca

65.   Jacqueline Rios Morataya

66.   Isabella Grace Murray

67.   Christina Do Nguyen

68.   Johanna Marilyn Pacheco Jurado

69.   Georgina Padron

70.   Gina Marie Palazzolo

71.   Owen Joseph Palmer

72.   Lysbet Yulyam Pascual Jimenez

73.   Lisandro Daniel Pérez Recinos

74.   Michael Sean Partrick

75.   Edward Xavier Persico

76.   Amber Cecilia Posada

77.   José Miguel Prieto Castañeda

78.   Cristina Prieto Castañeda

79.   Melani Paola Proa Guzmán

80.   Mia Elizabeth Pulczinski

81.   Stephanie Ramirez Fonseca

82.   Abbey Lynn Recser

83.   Daison Daniel Vergelio Rabago Reich

84.   Joanna Denise Resendiz

85.   Giselle Rivera

86.   Andrea Celesete Rodriguez

87.   Ryan Thomas Schappert

88.   Melina Solano Delossantos

89.   Mary Carla Sosa Ramos

90.   Monserrat de Jesús Soto de Anda

91.   Maddie Stein

92.   Elizabeth Jean Stonebraker

93.   Gabrielle Mackenzie Sweeney

94.   Emmily Torres

95.   Sophia Torres

96.   Bryan Orlando Valen Torres

97.   Catherine Jane Van Schaick

98.   Everardo Velasquez Castro

99.   Ashleigh Nicole Venito

100.                       Carlos Fernando Zavaleta Villa

101.                       Melissa Zavaleta Villa

102.                       Kaitlyn Nicole Zhoroff

103.                       Rosario Maza Valadez









A short word on discernment for sacramental prep… If your child is to be enrolled in sacramental prep (first reconciliation, first communion and confirmation) it is understood that there will be weekly participation at the weekend mass. If you are not ready or willing to comply with this requisite, your discernment should be not to enroll your child into the sacramental program. Participation in just the catechesis classes will not be considered adequate preparation for the reception of the sacraments. The Church has too many members “in name only”.

We are currently in the process of preparing for next year’s Faith Formation classes.

We can share with you the following information:

–          The first day of registration will be Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Please do not come in before that date. We will be accepting applications all summer until the final date of Aug. 5, 2018.

–          Registration hours will be as follows:

o   From Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm in the offices of the Learning Center (the trailers at the back of the parking lot)

o   Monday and Friday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

o   Thursdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm


–          We will also have two weekends where we will be outside of the church at each mass accepting registrations. These weekends will be:

o   Saturday and Sunday, July 28/29

o   Saturday and Sunday, August 4/5

We would like to have all applications handed in by August 5 at the latest to be able to plan appropriately for the upcoming year.

There will be no online applications and no online copies of the registration.

We regret to inform you that, because of a significant amount of people who have not paid their faith formation fees we will not have a payment plan this year. You will need to pay the total amount in full when you register.

The amount will be the same as in former years: $60/child up to a maximum of $150/family


This space is for all of the catechists, students and parents involved in the 5:45pm Saturday evening catechetical sessions./ Este espacio es para los catequistas, estudiantes y padres de familia involucrados en el programa de catequesis de las 5:45pm cada sabado.

Click on the following link for the First Communion dates for English masses: 

Haga click en el siguiente enlace para ver las fechas de primera communion para los jovenes que van a catequesis los sabados:       


Click on the following Link to access the Informational Welcome Package for this session:/ Haga click en el sigiente enlace para tener acceso al paquete de informacion de esta session: 

Click on the Following Links to access the Specific Informational Page for each class: / Haga click en los siguientes enlaces para abrir las paginas de informacion referente a las clases especificas:



This space is for all of the catechists, students and parents involved in the 9:30am Sunday morning catechetical sessions.

Click on the following link to see the First Communion dates for those attending the English Masses: 

Click the following link to view the Informational Welcome package for all those attending the 9:30am catechetical sessions:

Below you will find the information pertaining to each individual class:



This year we will continue with our third installment of the “Cat Chat” series with “A Wilderness Adventure Through the Sacraments” VBS theme. It is an outdoors theme that incorporates teachings on the 7 sacraments.

Dates: Monday, Aug. 6 to Friday, Aug. 10, 2018

Times: 8:45am to (approx.) 12:45pm each day. (Friday we will have a family picnic after mass)

Who?: Children entering into Kindergarten in Fall of 2018 to children entering fifth grade in Fall of 2018

Volunteer Youth: Any youth in middle or high school can register as volunteers

Cost: $25 per child (K-5) $10 per volunteer youth

Registration: We plan to have online registration up by May 1st. Hard copy registrations will be available in PDF form online as well as  at the offices of Faith Formation at the parish. We also plan to have a registration weekend at the parish on Saturday May 12th – Sunday May 13th after the masses (except the Sunday 7:00pm mass).


Please click on this:

for all the details on our VBS Week. 

Registration has been closed as we are now at capacity. 

For more information please contact: April Jacobi:  or Christy Buckley:

Check out the CatChat website for more information:




St. Ann Church values the dedication and the contributions to parish life of our homeschooling families. In an effort to support our homeschooling families we have events throughout the year that cater to their needs and provide faith filled activities for the children. They include, but are not limited to:

  • FAMILY HOLY HOURS – We meet periodically (about 6 times per year) to worship Christ in the Blessed Sacrament as families with prayer that is geared towards young children. Please check our parish calendar and our Facebook Events for dates.
  • SUMMER VBS – Each year we host an unapolagetically Catholic VBS. Last year (2016) we used the catchat Catholympics VBS and are currently planning for this year’s VBS which will be held during the week of Aug. 7th -11th. We have Holy Mass every day and so much fun. Registration will begin before summer starts. Watch the bulletins and this webpage for more news.
  • ALL SAINTS PARTY – The Saturday closest to the Solemnity of All Saints is reserved for our incredible ALL SAINTS PARTY. Dress as your favorite saint, play games, go fishing, take a cake walk, and acquire so many yummy treats.
  • ARCH HOMESCHOOL GRADUATION – Our parish and parish center is the home to the yearly ARCH homeschool graduation mass and ceremony. Congrats to all our homeschool grads!
  • FAMILY CONFESSIONS AND FAMILY STATIONS OF THE CROSS IN LENT – Every Friday in Lent we have a “Family Stations of the Cross” in the afternoon and also a confession opportunity specifically for families with babysitting.
  • HOMESCHOOL CLASS TIME -We are currently planning the creation of a homeschool co-op on Fridays, as well as other course offerings during the week including Spanish. Contact Patrick Ginty for inquiries.

St. Ann Parish encourages our parents to the first formators of their children in the faith. We understand that many times our parents want to form their children for the sacraments. In order to facilitate this we can help guide you regarding curriculums that are available as well as providing retreats, rehearsals and dates for the sacraments. All families will be expected to meet the minimum requirements set forth by the diocese for reception of the sacraments. Please see the documents below for more information.

St. Ann Youth Ministry