Angela Sandoval “Ge’la” was born in El Llano (Michoacan, Mexico) on July 10, 1964. She presently lives in Ontario, California, U.S.A. With her husband, Luis; her son, Luis Angel; and her daughter, Kalani. She began to sing for our Lord eight years ago, After an encounter she had with Him. At an Initiation Retreat. From that point forward, her main source Of inspiration is the Word of God. She has recorded seven productions: “Amanecer”, “No Estoy Sola”, “Tengo Sed de Ti”, “Toca mi Alma, Señor”, “Margaritas Amarillas”, Concert-Testimony (Live), “Apocalipsis” (Instrumental), and her most recent production, “Se Llamaba Gabriela”.She has offered concerts in many cities of the U.S. And other countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Peru, Israel, Colombia, El Salvador, España. The genre of her music is ballad and rhythmic ballad. Her music and presentations have a high content of spirituality and it focuses especially On “inner healing”. Her voice is not only song, It is also a plea of love, Forgiveness, hope, healing and liberation.
The Concert is being coordinated by the Saint Ann Spanish Prayer Group, Eustolia (Yolis) Castillo, 919.320.6118 is the main contact.
Cost for entrance: $5 per adult and children older than 5. I have tickets available in my office if anybody calls or comes requesting information.
Place is still to be determined, depending on the number of tickets sold. (Church, Parish Center, or Outside)
Time: 7PM to 9PM
Snacks will be sold during the event